Why New Years Resolutions Fail (and What You Can Do About It)

It is that time of the year, when people are thinking about all the ways they can make this year better than the last. However, while most people call the list of things they would like to change their New Year’s resolutions, for most they would be better labeled as their New Year’s Wish List.

If you are like most people, you will fail your New Year’s Resolutions.

Resolutions don’t fail, you do, not because you chose impossible things and not even because you chose too many things; the breakdown is for a reason far more basic and fundamental than that.

Most people fail their resolutions, because most people don’t know what it means to be resolute.

A thing is only resolved as you are wholly undivided in the decision that you have made.

What is a decision?
The best way to think of a decision is it is the moment where you are committed wholly to a desired outcome.  To be decided means that  that you are not conflicted within yourself, and that you desire the outcome enough that you are willing to release that which you do that keeps you from it. The reason why most resolutions break down, is because while you may want or even need the desired outcome, you are divided as to whether or not the process is too costly.

You want to lose weight, but you habitually overeat and are sedentary.

You cannot win a game where you are undoing what scoring as many points for the opponent as you are for yourself. If you are trying to lose weight, each time that you overeat or fail to exercise, you are are delaying your achievement of your goal.

You cannot be conflicted about what you want, if you want to be the one to achieve it.

What should you do?

To transform your resolutions into reality, you have to be willing and able to see a thing true, by breathing it into being. As you are undivided, you will begin, because there is no longer any opposition to being and doing what you want, because you are clear on what will it cost you if you choose to continue to delay.

A divided vision is nothing more than a wish, and as you are wishing, you have no right to be disappointed or surprised when you fail in your attempts to make your wishes into reality.

Being resolute is being committed in thought, word, and deed, and so being resolute is the foundation of dreams made real. Commitment is demonstrated within the moment that you begin a decisive process of being. This year, instead of making a wish list, make a list of things of which you are wholly undivided and committed to achieving.

Then revisit that committed vision from moment to moment and from day to day, by being aware of the benefits of the process, as well as the rewards of the outcome. Your committed action is a reward unto itself, because it teaches you who you believe yourself to be, and the outcome is just the ribbon on that blessed gift.

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