When will enough be enough? Love knows

In many things, we let the perfect be the enemy of the good and right now that means that there are times that we are so certain that our will and our way is the path to victory, that we choose the complex weapons, warfare, and castes that we created or learned over Love’s Truth, presence, mercy and simplicity. We fear that Love is so simple, so foolish or so frail that it cannot protect us and provide for our safety and needs within this world, because the weapons that we created, wielded and honed on the battlefield are cruel, devastating and fierce and so is our enemy.

We are at a point in our human and spiritual evolution where we are deciding what is more fierce, the ability to stand toe-to-toe and attack until the enemy is eliminated, imprisoned, impeached or dead or our ability to stand heart-to-heart for the Justice, Peace, and sanctity of Life even if at times it may lead to our death. Is Love power a power on the battlefield as well as our relationships or is it just a dream to which we aspire as we rest, rally the troops and replenish our weapons for our next attack and defense. There are some fights where being the last man standing is not how you win; some battles are won by standing with Love in civil disobedience knowing that we may be hurt, killed or imprisoned so that someone someday will be the first person to walk within a world established and governed by the principles of Love and Peace that others nourished with their blood, sweat and lives as it was just a seed of a worthy ideal.

Our victories have been many, but our commitment to Love too often has been halfhearted and short-lived and so the needless suffering of this world is an inevitable consequence. We shout “Never again” but then we do it yet again, we say we Love you and then betray one another because of doubt, convenience, position or profit. Will we keep fighting the same battles upon the shifting sands of personality, selfishness, wounding and triggers or do we meditate, pray, listen, atone and forgive? Do we go deep into Love’s Answer or do people continue to die of hunger, thirst and our lack of care as we pay within the shallows of a Love that is infinite and deep? If we are not united in Love, we will continue to fracture, flail, and be divided by the faults and flaws of our wounding and history.

Every needless ill and death within this world is a symptom, experience, and expression of our silent complicity and outspoken complacency where we rally ourselves and others to wage wars that we think are righteous, helpful and needed, while all around us people are dying from the denials of the Love that we can’t or won’t make. We are too eager to answer the call to battle while ignoring the Answer that Love needs us to be right here and right now.

There is a great debate going on for the heart and soul of this country and this world, but we are not debating it, discussing it, or demonstrating our values and our vote using Love’s language of the heart, we are discussing it at the level of warfare over the temporary offices and holdings of a fearful vision that was not built to last. We are answering our call for Love with the terms of psychiatry, personal insults, our mistaken history and partisan animus, instead of the Truth, Joy and mercy that helps to heal our wounds and provides for the neglected, forgotten, and imprisoned. Love is the Vision, Truth, and actions that provide not just for the needs of this generation, but which helps to assure that we leave future generations an inheritance and legacy that helps them to prosper and Live in Peace.

The significance of the 2018 elections only matters as they are an extension of the Love that we are sowing and showing today, because if we fail to Answer the call for Love today, we cannot assume that we will be the one’s who will do so tomorrow. When people cannot see your heart, they will at times be guided by the desperation of their fears, and vote based on their heir wounds instead of Love’s strength, creating even more needless suffering and tragedy.

We can think that we are all in, but if Love is not our unifying Vision, game plan, blueprint and presence, we are deceived and we are choosing yet another battlefield of our own making instead of playing our part in Love’s correction and healing. There are weighty things that we can say and do in moments like this, but instead of struggling for strength to bring them to bear, Love invites us to be, do, and say that which lightens our burden by unveiling and healing our hidden shame, so that we might experience and express the depths, Life and Light of Love’s indefatigable and unyielding strength.

Whether the United States is undergoing a constitutional crisis and all of the related issues that arise from that can and must be debated, investigated and pursued so that justice is protected and done, but can we also act to help people who are dying in famines and wars? Can we also act to address the mass incarceration that is disenfranchising the hopes and dreams of future generations while enriching private prisons? Can we fix the damn pipes in Flint already? Can we provide for the healthcare and well-being of our citizens as a right instead of a privilege so that we can really see how great this country can really be when we operate at full strength? When will we stop robbing and demeaning our indigenous people as a furthering of our shameful practices and history and instead honor and respect our treaties, their culture, their worth and their sovereignty? If we can’t address and minister to more than one ill at time, thus adverting needless suffering, death and tragedy, then we aren’t listening to and being guided by the Love that provides the Vision and the means to make it so.

Until Love is our presence, Answer, language, method and dream, we might be interesting, we might be supported, and we might prove them wrong, but we aren’t serious in desire for Justice or Peace, and we are not powerful in the ways that transform, liberate, empower and heal. How many more have to die needlessly for us to weary of and abandon the ways of our fears?

These are not times that break our heart, these are times where Love invites us to break the crust of fear that surrounds, chokes, and veils our heart and Peace, even if for a brief moment in time we ache for the loss of that which never served us.

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