Repeal and wait is an unconscionable approach to dealing with the ACA (aka ObamaCare)

Both the Democrats and Republicans need to place their politics and prejudices aside and speak up and speak out on behalf of the American people, because no matter how you feel about the ACA, repeal and wait is unconscionable when the lives and health of 20 million previously uninsured or uninsurable American citizens is at stake. America is watching, protesting, and waiting for you to show up as your best, because that is what you promised, that is what we deserve, and that is what we voted for.

Let the American people, their representatives, and the insurance market place know what the plan is to replace the ACA, and have a real conversation about how to best proceed as a nation, instead of one party, so that we ensure the protection of the most vulnerable populations through the entirety of the process, because that kind of discourse, consideration and process is an important part of what makes this country great.

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