What if for just one day?

What if for just one day?

What if for just one day, we let His Love guide our body, our thoughts, our words, our deeds, our rest, and our stillness?

What might happen?

On that day, everyone would See how much we Love them, because we would show them.

On that day, we would let Love guide our thoughts and our bodies in the service of those who need us.

On that day, we would we fed all of our brothers like He feeds us, gently, patiently, generously, and Joyously.

On that day, we would speak for those who this world has silenced as though they are our Self.

On that day, we would walk with the mighty companions of Peace, grace, Joy and mercy, because His angels guides us through our day.

On that day, He would part all imaginary veils, and we would look upon the Body of Christ, Seeing that in which He is timelessly well-pleased.

On that day, our weapons would become plowshares, that till the fertile soil of the human spirit, revealing the richness that lies within, and within that soil, we would sow the angels that heal us all, one thought, word, and deed of Love at a time.

On that day, the Vision of an instant, becomes the blueprint for a Lifetime, that we hold with constancy before our Self, extending as far as His Love can reach, so that none ever forgets how beloved we are.

As we are willing that day is Now, for Now is the time for Love, because this is the moment He made, and as we are willing, we rejoice in it, we rejoice in Him, and we rejoice in our Self, and claim the Love that is our destiny.


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