Along the way something was forgotten and lost…

Our ethical & democratic processes and procedures and our systems of checks and balances are all that stands between the greatness and welfare of our people and country and the tyranny of an elected but unrepresentative majority. It is undemocratic to try to pass the #AHCA without a meaningful period of debate, amendments and hearings where all of the stakeholders be they doctors, hospitals, patients, and those who currently cannot afford healthcare. America is not great when it operates like this and our missteps are giving solace to every authoritarian government, dictatorship and straw government because we are showing that democratic procedure matters unless it stands in the way of the priorities and profits of the wealthy few and political donors.

If the #GOP really cares about improving the affordability and quality of healthcare for all citizens, they would want access to the full wisdom and experience of our great people, our elected representatives, our doctors, hospitals, non-profit health organizations, and even lessons learned from other countries who provide better healthcare outcomes for far less than we currently spend as a best of breed ethical, legislative, and governmental process that encourages and requires the openness, accountability and transparency that our people deserve, want and need.

Along the way something was forgotten and lost, but we have been here before, but this time, let’s walk back from the brink together hand in hand and create a healthcare system, culture, and government that is the envy of every other nation. We have done it and we can do it, but we can only do it together.

We The Resilient By Ernesto Yerena

We The Resilient By Ernesto Yerena

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