This is Crazy: Criminalizing Mental Health • FULL DOCUMENTARY • BRAVE NEW FILMS (video)

As we fail to provide assistance for the treatment of mental illness we are not only writing off a whole group of people, we are denying ourselves access to their gifts, their Joy, their creativity, their Love, and their Light, and we are denying ourselves access to that which is healthy, whole, and healing within ourselves, and that is how we fall apart, and that is how many are needlessly lost, harmed, and killed along the way.

As we Love, we help one another, we heal one another, and we support one another, for Love is our reason for being.

This video is not to vilify anyone, for we all bear responsibility and this is our shame, it is to say that we all need to learn how to be faithful, generous, and compassionate stewards of the sanctity of Life and the gifts that issue from that precious gift, so that none are needlessly abandoned or lost to our regrets, neglect, distractions, and forgetfulness.

Police officers are here to help, not to harm, but we have to give them the tools, the training, the support, and the resources necessary to deal with the diverse challenges and opportunities of being caretakers of the mentally ill that they will encounter until they can be routed into the government and community programs and systems that will treat them with the dignity, care, and support that they require and deserve.

We only fail to adequately support mental health care as we are mentally and spiritually ill, and Love is our health and healing.

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