There is only One Instant and One Answer

The Holy Instant is a timeless moment of willingness within which His Truth is welcomed and seen, where we see through His Vision of Love, instead of our worldly beliefs and fears. The Love in the Holy Instant is the Love that He invites us to be, to see, and to extend within each moment that we are willing, because His Love is the only Answer that joins us wholly within His Peace.

Each thought and act of Love that we share, extends His Vision maximally, because His Love heals and corrects our mind, within each moment that we are willing.  Love is His gentle bridge that He has us extend to our Self, that all might rest within His Peace, for it is only as we extend His Love, that the separation is no longer believed, for then all is seen through His Truth of what it is, and not what we mistakenly believed, for what we mistakenly thought we parted within time,  His Love joins timelessly.

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