There is nothing to fear, but there is everything to Love

We are always Loving or fearing our way to the heart of the matter, because there is a limit to how much we can miscreate, because there is a limit to how much pain, death, and suffering we can tolerate before we say, “We have had enough! Now is the time for His Love and His Peace.”

Our decision to chose His Love, and to remain committed and convicted within that decision, with Him as our teacher, our partner and our guide, is our decision to remember how to Live, because that is the moment that we take responsibility for our experience of Life, by surrendering the whole of our mind unto the gentle and healing correction of His Love and His Peace.

His Love is the Life that seemed lacking as we were afraid, because His Love is the Life and the Light that restores us to the whole of our Self. His Love is a space where all that seems to be, be it gentle and Loving, or fearsome and mean is accepted, invited, and Loved as the blessed opportunity to extend His Love that everything is, because we are always extending His Love through ourselves to our Self, as we are guided by His Will.

We teach our mind fear through the judgments that we would keep, for they are the only mistake that keep us from His Love and His Peace. As we are afraid, life is a hazy, lifeless fog, in which is everything seems far less than joyous, but at the same time also seems far less threatening than the pain, death, and suffering that it truly is, because fear is a wound that numbs as it kills.

The accomodations that we make to an insane mind and insane world cost us everything because it delays our exerience and extension of the Love and Peace that is timelessly ours to share, because Love is who we are, as we are willing that only His Truth be seen.

Until we see all mistakes as our invitation to extend Love, Light, and remembrance, we make ourselves subject to our fear, and we continue to make the only mistake that we make, for as we believe ourselves afraid, we create and project fear, and as we do, our mind, our relationships, and our world are a darker place for the Love that we fail to extend.

We do not claim His Love that we claim on behalf of ourselves, we claim it on behalf of our Self, for the whole of our mind, because that creates the happy mind, the happy relationships, and the happy world that we want, because then we will have ceased to choose to create otherwise.

The seeming fear, pain, death and suffering of this world are forms and effects born of a mistaken, insane mind, and as we choose His Love over our fear, He heals that which appears to be wounded, fearsome, and mistaken, so that only His Truth remains, and we see ourselves and our brothers as the Love that we have always been, because Love is the Truth of what He made, and we are no more and no less than the Love that He created us to be.

Extending His Love through our being is our only Real work, for His Love gives Life meaning, and the Loving forms that arise from that work are just effects born of the Loving decision that we make as we choose to Love our brothers as our Self, as an act of His Will.

No voice can be silent, silenced, forgotten, exluded, or surrendered to fear as we would extend His Love and His Peace, because salvation is for all or it is for none, because He has only one begotten Son, and we are Him.

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