The world did end last night…

The world did end last night…and it ended a second ago, a minute ago, a month ago and a year ago, because nothing within our experience has permanence other than Love.

We do not always have control over the form of things within a given moment, but we are always at choice as to the nature of our experience and the nature of our demonstration, not because of who we are of ourselves, but because of He who Loves us, treasures us, and who resides timelessly within us.

We all woke up today with a clean slate spiritually, emotionally, physically and psychically, endowed with all of the power and resources necessary to sow profoundly, Joyously and deeply within the fertile soil of the human soul through our timeless Spirit. His Grace means that nothing from our mistaken past diminishes our ability to Love within the present, but that we choose to recreate, sustain and project a limitation that was never Real, because Love can heal every wound, feed all who are hungry, and wipe every tear, except for the wounds, hunger, and tears that we would keep.

Time is our process of being reborn again and again within a moment of decision until we are wholly willing to choose Love and only Love as His Truth and our Reality and space is all of the illusions of distance and form that make us think our Self parted, deprived or lacking, until we are willing to See our Self as healthy, happy and whole.

The choices that we make with Love are patient, gentle, and have immediate and infinite effect upon our experience of this moment, because they are cast within the certainty of His Truth, His Promise and His presence. Each instant that we choose and extend Love, we become a part of an ever growing space of happiness, Joy, miracles and Peace that is based upon His Vision instead of our sight.

Vision takes what appears to be failure and Sees that it has a heart, a mind, a Body and a Song that heals in time with His timeless Will, because Vision delivers us within an instant outside of time, beyond the reach of the painful limits, laws and weapons of this world to the limitless Joy and Peace of the next, and as we extend that Vision within this world, we have only one Rule through which we create laws and relationships that are equitable, just, and helpful, because we have nothing to fear of our Self, and everything to Love.

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