The treasure that He made

As we look upon a treasure chest filled with coins of gold, and each is of equal fineness, condition, appearance, none are special, but all are precious, because of their rarity.

As we look out upon the many distressing, challenging, desperate and gentle faces of those that He Loves and treasures, our value is intrinsic, timeless, precious, and deep, because He says so.

As we choose His Vision of Love, we willingly mine and demonstrate the treasures that He placed within us in abundance and perpetuity, and in so doing extend His Vision of beauty, perfection, innocence, and compassion within us and through us as the enduring Truth that He made.

As our willingness creates the smallest chink in our wall, His Love shines through, unleashing a flood of Peace, Light, hope, promise and possibility that heals, frees, comforts, remembers, and feeds the Son that He timelessly Loves, shelters, and holds dear, by giving birth to Christ within this moment through the joining of His Will with our willingness, healing of our darkness with His Light, so that our heart takes wing and we rise as the angels of His Eternal design.

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