The reasoning (seasoning?) behind posting DRAFT essays

So much of what we Love is not veiled from us as it develops but rather we are enriched by being a part in nourishing, supporting and watching them grow and that is idea behind posting draft essays. These are essays that I feel called to write but for which I find myself making excuse after excuse for not writing them. Excuses like I don’t have the time to go deep enough into this, and so I am committing to taking another step towards breathing further Life into that which is trying to arise within my soul. But it isn’t just about me, in the same way that bones can make help to make a tasty stock, it is my hope that these bare bones will help to season that within you which resonates with them, giving birth to something that nourishes and serves us all.

Some of these might be half baked ideas, a snack or a meal, but I will visit them, stir them and nourish them as I am nourished and stirred and some will graduate from draft status and some won’t.

Feedback is welcome through my Contact Me page.

Note: DRAFT essays will have the DRAFT Essay category added to them for ease of navigation.

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