An Invitation to the power of One

Today a part of you is speaking from an often forgotten, ignored or neglected place, and it is inviting you to do that which is often on your schedule, on your mind or calling for expression from within your heart, but which too seldom takes form, focus, or priority within your experience, and it is inviting you to be it, see it, and do it for just “one”, whatever that “one” may be.

One can be one second, one minute, one hour, or one day, but do it for one, with all of your heart, not for the doing, because doing has done you in too many times.

Do one for how you feel while being the one who dreamed, the one who can, the one who  is, and the one who did, and then hold that experience within your heart, and let Love guide you in mining the treasure from that experience, and then also guiding you in whether you are the one who becomes it and does it again.

Disclaimer: If one becomes two or more, don’t panic, just breathe into it and relax, and you will know when to stop and when to continue, so do not fear, you will know.


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