The heart of worship

As we are willing, worship is not a moment that comes and goes, worship is the work of a Lifetime that deepens, heals, joins and remains, for as worship takes root within the fertile soil of a willing heart, the beauty that He made, grows, feeds and extends for the whole of the world to See.

As we worship, what we create and what we learned through fear, falls away, fades, and is forgotten in a timeless moment of Joy and grace, for Worship is the stillness, the surrender, the Vision, and the extension that deliver us all to Peace, by timelessly delivering us all to Him.

As we worship, we open our heart, our mind, and our soul to the One who knows. As we worship, we offer our body, our time, and our vision, by bringing out our dead, and laying down our crucifixion that we might know His resurrection, for He gives us beauty for ashes, He gives us Joy for our mourning, and He makes us whole, holy, and wholly helpful to the service of His Will, His purpose, His Plan, and His Peace, because He is God, He is not mistaken, and He Loves us.

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