The crossroads

Love is not somewhere we are getting to, something we have to earn, or someone we have to meet, Love is this moment, Love is here, Love is Him, and Love is you.

Love is where we rest and build, setting down roots that go deep so that they fed us in the lean and trying times, and also help us to stand when the winds, the rains, and the storms come, for they will come.

Love is a instant that shows us a Vision greater and deeper than the whole of our history and our experience of this world, so that we stay supple, gentle, resilient, and patient, for the ways of Love are mysterious and challenging, but they always work for our good, they always land upon fertile soil, and they always give birth to nourishing fruit.

As we Love, we need not worry about the seeds that we sow, we only need to know that they will all blossom and flourish at their appointed time and achieve their full blossom and maturity, because Love can seem delayed, but Love cannot be denied, for His Will is done, we are just learning how to See what He has already given and already done, and having Seen it and received it, learn how to deepen within that Vision, so that we demonstrate it through the whole of our being.

Love is what is helpful, healing, and whole, and timelessly here, so we need not worry or fret, we just need to hold the space for an ever deepening experience.

Love is not about convincing, it is where we stand convicted to His Vision and surrendered to His Will as His Son, His servant, and His Body, so that His Love grows within us and through us.

We just need to Love, to laugh, to smile, and to cry, so that all veils falter, fall, and fade, so that only Love remains, for any moment of Love is everything that we ever wanted, deeply received, gently demonstrated, and freely extended, within an instant that never ends.

As we Love, We do not look out to who stands before us or at what they do, we look within at what He has done, for then as we look outward, we See beauty and innocence before us, for we See our Self.

The Love within us gives birth to Love, miracles, that colors our Vision and experience, with the Light and Peace of His Truth, and having Seen that Vision from the inside out, we are forever changed.

Love is where our mustard seed of willingness becomes a Life, a Song, a Body, and an instant that heals.

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