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Love woke us up today, not as who we were, but as the treasure that We are, and that is who we remain for as long as we are willing, for only we create the veil that hides our beauty, our innocence, our smile, His Joy, His grace, and His Plan from our Self, as a mistaken call for the Love that is timelessly here.

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No matter how hopeless, dark, or painful a moment may seem, it is not over until His Love, His grace, and His Joy are abundantly felt, Seen, and extended, for His Will is done within us and through us as we are willing, because He is Love, we are His, and He Loves us.

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As His Peace, Love, and Joy do not speak through our thoughts, words, and deeds, our relationships and our world become spaces of needless death, hurt, and fear because of the mistake that we make.

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As we place Love first, we experience His Peace and we celebrate His Joy, for then we are gentle with our Self, we are patient with our Self, and we extend to our Self, so that all are fed. Amen.

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Randomness, fear and uncertainty are not of His Will, they are what we mistakenly believe our Self to be as we sleep, for as we are willing, we are awake, we are alive, and we are filled with His Joy and Peace, and we Live in an age of signs and wonders, and our blessing is here, for He is in our mind, healing us, guiding us, and joining us so that Love is a rising tide within our mind, our world, and our relationships, so that fear is no more.

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