Say What Must Be Said

Do not let a day escape with meaningful words left unsaid. Tomorrow is a dream that is promised to no one, so today is the day which you have been given to share the feelings of your heart. Speak your words of love and appreciation without fear of rejection or recrimination, because it will cost you and others far more to leave this life with your deepest truths left unsaid.

Words of love and appreciation are the greatest beauty you will ever share with another person, even if your feelings are clumsily expressed. There is no person who does not benefit from the experience of being appreciated.

Love and the time to express it are the two blessings that are everyones birthright, and they are also the greatest gifts that you can share with another. Do not worry about those who do not appreciate your gift or who take your gift for granted, because you are not here to live for the approval of others. You are here to claim your unique place in a chorus of loving appreciation which celebrates all of the blessings of existence.

The greatest legacy you will leave this world are the seeds of love that you plant within the life of another, because if those seeds are nurtured, they will grow and foster an even deeper love and appreciation for life within the heart of those who embrace them.

You must say what must be said each day the moment you feel gratitude or love, because all of the people, places, and things that you encounter deepen the beauty of your lifes experience.

Love and appreciate others fearlessly, passionately, and boldly, saying what must be said, because that is the true purpose for your voice and it is the reason why you exist. Today is the only time that you are guaranteed, so dont let a moment or a person pass through your life unappreciated.

What will you say what that must be said today?

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