Only Love…

Fear can motivate us for a day, a month, a year, or even years, changing the form of this world, but doing little to heal our broken heart, because its vision is too small and too limited, where Love is the Vision that heals us, guides us, teaches us, holds us, consoles us, and knows us, providing whatever and whoever is needed to save us needless pain, death, and suffering, because Love only Sees the Truth, Love only guides us to Truth, and Love only Loves, and that is Love’s power.

As we Love and as we fear, we can and will experience outrage, heartache, and tears, but where fear only directs its energy, efforts, and judgements outward, Love has us first look within for all that creates that which is broken outside of us, and calls us to See it with compassion, to touch it with gentleness, and to hold it with mercy, because as we receive His Answer, we can extend His Answer to our call for Love.

Love is bigger than our body, our circumstance, our mistaken history, and our world, and that is why Love is the way, the Truth, and the Life that returns us to Love and Peace, Now.

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