Love is the Vision that heals

The eyes of this world are blind to the brilliant Light of His Vision of Love.

The ears of this world cannot hear the gentle melodies and harmonies of His timeless Song of Love.

The voice of this world cannot imagine nor say the words that move our broken heart to healing.

The hands of this world hold ably onto the things of this world, but they cannot hold our attention or passion for long, for they lack the beauty,the grace, and the Joy that only the timeless thoughts bear.

As we are mistaken, the whole of this world disappointing, for that is the vision and gift that we choose, feed, and project, but as we are wiling, His Will makes our wrongs right, His Will makes us helpful, His Will makes us healed, and then all that we say, do, and are extends the Vision that delights us and unites us, making tired, weary, and dead things vibrant and new, for then Love rules this instant and our heart, for the rest of our days.

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