Love is how we feed and are fed

How we allow Him to feed us is how we feed our Self. As we are halting and fearful, we approach Him like a beggar and get the little that we ask for, because fear allows us to sit at the table our Father has set, but it tells you that the abundance and Peace that you see is not real, or it is not yours.

Fear cannot allow His Love, His grace and His blessings to touch and move our heart, for fear is deprivation, starvation, and death, while the Love within us, around us, and before us is His timeless promise and provision.

Fear is the thoughts that would have us suffer, die, and kill, where Love is the thoughts that invite us to a Peace, a Life, and a grace that knows no end.

As we are faithful, constant, and devoted, and place our Trust in Him, we have more than we need, for all we have is given for the service of His Son.

As we choose to Love, we are fed by Him, and as we are fed by Him, we feed our brothers through Him, so that none go hungry, for His reach in all ways exceeds our grasp, because He is God.

If we have not, it is because we have not chosen to receive His Answer, because every prayer of the heart is Answered, for His Answer extends through us.

Love is how we feed and are fed wholly in accordance with His Will, and all else is a call for Love, which He Answers.

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