Love is…

There is Song within this world that has never forgotten your name, your gifts, nor your destiny, and it Sings timelessly within your heart and mind, so that you might awaken, stay awake, remember, and extend beauty and Peace.

There is Wind within this world that builds and strengthens, for it can breathe upon a sputtering spark and create a roaring fire that warms, that comforts, and that heals.

There is a Touch within this world, that as you experience it, it never falters, fades, nor weakens, for it is you and yours, and it is experienced from the inside/out and the outside/in, assuring you that there is no part of this journey called Life in which He is not with you, guiding you and Loving you to health, to wholeness, and to Joy.

There is Light within this world, that casts out all shadows for it Sees the mistaken spaces of our wounding as well as the timeless brilliance that abides forgotten within our mind, and it joins them within a gentle space of tenderness and grace so that what seemed parted for a time is timelessly joined as one.

Love is all of these things and so much more, and all Love needs is our willingness.

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