Just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should….#ShowUsTheBill

America is strong when we can have a conversation and debate about that which we do not agree and emerge stronger for having had the conversation. The GOP is currently abusing the power of their majority and the legislative process of Congress so that the American people, their elected representatives, and the hospitals and doctors get as little time as possible to participate in the process of hearings, debate, feedback and amendment that make our system of governance and lawmaking strong, free, and just. Their secret proceedings with regards to the AHCA are being watched not only by the American people, it is also being witnessed and discussed by the world and what they are seeing is an exercise of the tyranny of a political majority acting contrary to the the good of our country and its people for the purpose of trying to protect position, party, privilege, and profits because they know that they have enough corporate money, gerrymandering, and voter suppression laws implemented to retain their position even as they openly and brazenly oppose the will of the people.

They are meeting in secret making deals that they might bully or assuage any pangs of conscience as they arise, so that when they emerge from their chambers they will act and speak as one voice that does not sound or look like the America in which we Love and Live and for which generations died defending. The GOP’s machinations and secrecy with regards to the AHCA are odious, chilling and undemocratic, but it is a mistake that has not yet gone too far. After years of straw votes and campaigns where they proselytized the joys and benefits of Repealing and Replacing the ACA, if the AHCA is their best thinking, then the only conclusion can be that they were never interested in improving the affordability, quality, and access to healthcare, they were only interested in a massive taxcut for the wealthy, phasing out the medicare extension, and returning us to the days where preexisting conditions and exorbitant costs excluded millions from access to preventative care and lifesaving treatment in our healthcare system.

The GOP is at a turning point for their party where we will see if any 3 can vote their conscience over profit, party & personal interest. We are at a turning point where we either take back the heart and soul of our country, restoring the checks and balances, processes and regulations that respect and protect our people or we will remain silently complacent and complicit in the modern-day demonstration of a country, a people, and a government in ethical and moral decline where the will of the people is overridden or disregarded by the will of an unelected wealthy few who have bought and paid for a level of access, privilege, and control over our government that no one deserves.

Do not be fooled, the GOP trying to pass the AHCA is not the GOP keeping their word, unless their word was to diminish millions of people’s access to quality healthcare while giving a massive taxcut to the wealthy. The people who supported and continue to support repeal and replace wanted even more affordable quality healthcare like they promised as the GOP campaigned for the offices they currently hold. Passage of the AHCA is a clear declaration that their constituents are not the people who elected them and it is not the country that they vowed to serve, it shows that their constituency is made up of their self-interests and the interests of the wealthy and that they need to be removed from the office that they hold by the votes of the people they are actively betraying.

Just because you can do a thing doesn’t mean you should. Show us the bill, go into recess without voting on it, return to your home states and constituents and tell them that you can do better than the AHCA and that you are determined to participate in the hearings and debate that will lead to the passage of a healthcare law that they will be proud of and which will be the envy of the world, and then come back to Congress and participate in a robust process which includes all of the stakeholders for that is what is worthy of the promise of our nation and our people as a world leader in democratic process, procedure and justice. Don’t just go for the ugly, greedy short-term win, go for the victory that best reflects the principles and values of our country, or be replaced by those who will.

We The People Protect Each Other

We the People by Shepard Fairey

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