Is this our best?

Can any country consider itself great as the access to healthcare and the right to live is determined by a lottery of location, education, profession or which political party currently holds the majority? Can a travel ban which vilifies entire countries of people help to keep us safe? Should the short-term business profits of a few be more important than our children’s inheritance of clean water, clean air and the richness of biodiversity that is their birth rite?

I don’t claim to have the all of the answers, but the best that we can do will take all of us working together for a just and equitable questions and solutions, not just parts of one political party meeting together and creating policy in secret. Holding powerful levers of power within our government comes with a powerful duty of care not to misuse or abuse them, but to weigh the wisdom, the concerns and the good of us all before using them.

We get the government and the world that we deserve as we choose other than Love and we see the evidence of that everyday in the form of needless, pain, death, and suffering, but there is also powerful evidence of Love to be celebrated, supported and Seen, and that Love is how we get far better than we deserve, because Love can do and be no less.

America is also known as the United States, but we have not been demonstrating that much lately, other than our ability to unite at opposite sides of a battlefield before we attack one another viciously, but our story is not done yet.

Is this our best? Not by a long shot, but one thing that is true about America is we might get it wrong for a moment, but when we work together we can reach the stars.

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