His Vision is the blueprint for our Love and our Peace

Love is a decision that we make with Him, and having made that decision, He guides us and teaches us how to be Love and how to extend His Love in the timeless ways that save the whole of our mind death, pain, and suffering, so that only His Love and Peace remains.

As we atone, we join our willingness with His Will, and cease to be messengers of fear, so that only His Truth and His messenger of Love remains, for only then can we hold the illusory differences of all of our brothers with His Love, Peace, and gentleness, and accept all for the opportunity to Love that everything always is.

It is not what we do that defines us, it is why we do what we what we do that teaches us who we are. Our good intentions are not enough, because they are subject to change and mistakes, like all illusory things, while His Love is not mistaken. His Love timelessly remains as the Truth of what is, and as we choose His Love as our Light, we choose in advance that only Love be seen, because we choose to be the One who Sees it, remembers it, and extends it through our thoughts, words, and deeds, as the Light of the world, so that all who are willing can see it, and also be seen for the Love that He created timelessly within time, for we remain what He created us to be, not what we mistakenly thought ourselves to be, as mistakenly thought ourselves separate and subject to worldly fears.

All thoughts tend toward form, and the vision that we choose creates our experience of what is seen and not seen, and as we choose to dream a dream of separation, judgment, and fear, we choose to experience a nightmare of our own creation, and as we dream a dream of His Love, His Peace, and His understanding, we dream a dream of Him, and we create with Him the mind that we want, and the world we want, because we choose to be the Love that we need, because then we see as He Sees, and He sees all as One within Him, in a holy instant of Love with no beginning and no end.

His is the only Vision that leads us all to the Truth of His Love and Peace, and as we are willing, we are the hands, feet, and voice, that make His Vision our reality, as an act of His Will, as the Loving and trusting messengers of His timeless Love and Peace, who Love all that is with His Love and Peace, so that only Love remains.

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