He sends angels

There is that within us all that says a gentle, timeless, devoted “Yes” to a Vision that eyes cannot see, ears cannot hear, and hands cannot touch, for that is not their purpose, but which our heart cannot fail to See and bring into being, for it born of His Vision, fed by our willingness, and achieves maturation through our extension of His Will.

It is an angel that provides manna to nourish the hungry.

It is a refreshing fountain of water for the thirsty.

It is a physician that treats the injuries of the wounded, and heals the ills of the sick.

It is an endless source of Light, warmth, and comfort that clothes and shelters the homeless.

It is the mind that remembers, honors, and joins the forgotten, the neglected, and the prosperous within an instant that does not end.

That angel is Love, that angel is His, you, yours, and ours, and the time of its ascension is now.

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