Faith is vision

The essential nature of all people, places, and things is timelessly one and the same within Him, and the meaning of our differences within time are interpretations of the vision that we presently believe.

As our beliefs change, our experience, expression, and witness changes to better mirror our beliefs, because faith is vision, and as we place our faith in His Vision of Love and Peace, we increasingly see, extend, and mirror His Truth to the extent that we are willing to be it, for in those timeless moments, we have chosen to see the beauty, perfection, and innocence that He timelessly sees. 

Within this worldly experience, we are not perfect, but as we are willing, He perfects us, He teaches us, and He guides us in the gentle and Loving correction of our fearful mistakes, for in His timeless Vision, we all remain only what He made, we are inseparable extensions of the Love that He is,  for He is not mistaken, and so long as we are mistaken, His Love invites us to be willing to see things differently.

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