Credibility and integrity in reporting helps to inform and protect our freedom of speech

The United States government is a democratic republic that is made up of three branches that only works as those representatives are elected by a well-informed populace, and one of the ways that population is best informed is our freedom of speech and free press. However, as the reporting of our press and the speeches of our politicians is more and more influenced by the profit motivations of the corporations that own them, select them, and groom them, directing their time, attention, votes, and coverage, much of what is reported to us is sensationalist, divisive, deceptive and editorial rather than being the well-researched and unbiased reporting of the broad base of facts that best support our being well-informed citizens, voters, helpers and healers.

It is almost impossible for any individual to avoid having a point of view, but having a point of view is far different than the selective editing or deceptive misstating of information that often happens as reporters, individuals or politicians discuss those with whom they disagree. There cannot be freedom within our relationships, our government, our country or our world without a free press and freedom of speech that is deeply supported and sustained by our commitment to hold sacred a duty of care and integrity to distinguish between opinion, commentary, and preference from that which is objective, fact-based and true.

All that is seen on the news isn’t newsworthy and the most significant frontier facing our reporters, politicians, and citizens in this modern age is our exploration, demonstration, and broadening of what it means to live, breathe, work, gather, and die wholly in support of the Love, the freedom, Truth, and integrity that it is our inheritance, right, and responsibility to support, practice, celebrate, and extend as far as Love can reach.

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