Beware the fraternity and paternalism of fear- A call to the solidarity of Love and Peace

So much of the disintegration of our political discourse and debate reflects the disintegration of our relationships with one another, for as we are distanced from one another, we increasingly see and judge one another with the animus and indifference born of our mistaken history of ignorance, wounding, sickness and death instead of the patience, mercy and Truth of Love.

It is natural to feel an affinity, kinship or trust for those that live in your neighborhoods, go to your schools, and with whom you work for often they are ones with whom you invest the majority of your attention, money and time, but what is not normal and natural is to debase, disrespect and disregard the diversity of treasure and insights of those you do not know as intimately or those who may disagree with you.

As we allow fear to label, distract, and divide us because of differences in worldview, education, religion or experience, we wage a war in which we all lose, no matter which side may appear to be winning, because we miss an important piece of the tapestry that Love has provided that we might to Live and Love in Peace, for we miss the gift of one another.

No one is a self-made success, because we all stand upon the shoulders, ideas, and sacrifices of giants that gave their blood, sweat, tears, and lives to make this moment possible. If we are not careful, conscious, and merciful fear nourishes an overgrowth of ego in which we think that we did it all on our own, that we are more deserving than others, and that we know what is best for other people. As fear convinces us to see others as less worthy, evolved, or accomplished than we are, be it in the area of education, status, contribution, or wisdom, we can then diminish, demean and disregard their feedback, strengths and contributions instead of integrating, celebrating, rewarding and leveraging their diversity of approach and view into ever greater successes.

We are always choosing whether it is every man, woman, and child for themselves or whether we want to be an active participants in Love’s call to solidarity in which as we rise, we bring others along for the journey, not as an act of charity but as a demonstration of the Love that helps, heals and provides for us all, for then and only then we can choose that every fist that is raised, be raised in solidarity with Love and Peace, from sea to shining sea for as long as Life is.

Taboo performing at the Native Nations Rise March in Washington, DC

Taboo performing at the Native Nations Rise March in Washington, DC

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