Beauty becomes you

Every weapon and defense forged by man, are created through violent opposition to His Will, and they will ultimately be used in oppression and opposition of His purpose and Plan, for the mind that wants them, needs them, and creates them is insane, for it sees them as the answer to all of its problems.

Love is His Answer, His blueprint, and His alternative.

Love does not overwhelm our defenses and weapons, Love is the Vision of Truth that proves their lack of worth, by revealing what is timeless and Real. Love is His invitation for us to lay down the crushing burden and yoke of our fears and take up His yoke for His burden is Love, Light, Life, Joy, unity, remembrance and extension, so that only Love remains.

Love, miracles, and beauty are divine compensation for our ashes, for His Love is the way, the Truth, and the Life that delivers us from the living death that we thought we made, to the healing Light and rest of His Truth. As we Love, the mistaken thoughts of our Self and our past are gently held and healed within His ever-present grace, Love, Peace, compassion, and charity, so that all that are hungry are fed, all that are thirsty have their thirst quenched, all that are wounded are healed, all that lack a voice are heard and Seen, and all that seemed lost and forgotten are remembered, Seen, and welcomed to the Home that they never left except for in dream.

Beauty becomes us, because beauty is all that He made, and willingness is our journey to return to the Truth that beauty holds us, Sees us, and reveals us, because He Loves us, and He is not mistaken.

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