As Love is…

As Love is a thought, it is the thought that raises us upon the wings of angels to the Peace, provision, and grace that transform the battlefield into sacred places, spaces, and relationships where we gather, rest, heal, that all might Live and Love in Peace.

As Love is an act, it is the act that is most healing and helpful to the moment, so that time, space, and circumstance fade away, and only the experience of Love deepens and remains.

As Love is a word, it is the words that call forth the rain in the form of the tears that wash away the dirt, dust, the grit, and the wounding of the past, clearing our Vision so that we can See through the eyes and Heart of the one who Knows, the one who Heals, and the one who creates enduring Love, beauty, and Peace Now.

As Love is a Body, Love is you, me, we, and He, in an instant of willingness and Will that nourishes, heals, joins, and never ends, for He is God, we are His, and He is not mistaken.

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