All are faithful

As we place our faith in time and space, our good is at times here and at times it is on the way, but we don’t invite it to stay, because we believe in the darkness of our mistaken past more than we believe in the Light of Love’s presence, but as we place our faith in Him, we place our faith in all that is lasting, helpful, healing and Real, and our good is timelessly here, within us, around us, and extending through us as the timeless Truth of what is, for there is nowhere He is not, and as our willingness joins His Will, His Love and miracles abundantly flow.

Time cannot Love you, but He does, timelessly and deeply, space cannot heal our heart, but He can and He does with a Plan, a Body, and eyes that can do all things save fail, for He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life, and this is the moment that He made, that He might delight in treasure that He made…this is the moment that He delights in you.

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