A prayer for Life

As we are mistaken, it is the nature and purpose of this world to drive us to our knees, but what creates our experience is what we do while we are down there.

As we are willing, we pray, we receive, we Love, and we extend, and though our bodies may seem grounded, our thoughts soar upon the wings of His angels, for then His Love overflows through our willing body, mind, and heart to a mind, a world, and a body sorely in need of His Light.

We can only Truly give from His abundance, and so His Love timelessly gives us more than enough, so that all are fed, all are sheltered, and all are safe, and that is a Vision, a Plan, a passion, a purpose, and a Life worth Living and dying for, because that is the story of our Life lived according to His Will…that is the story of Love.


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